“As a long time Festival of Arts exhibitor, Rick has sparked interest with many of our attendees and we know his showcase at foaSOUTH will help create one of the most exciting displays the space has seen.”

Sharbie Higuchi, public relations and marketing director Festival of Arts / Pageant of the Masters

“I am THRILLED with the presence of Maui Waves. The print, frame, lighting all make me really happy. It's sooo special, I really don't know how to express my joy with it.”

Marion WeilClient/collector

“Rick Graves has developed a unique system using robotic motors and a modified medium format film camera to create stunning visuals on a standard roll of transparency film.”

David Junker, Director of media assetsDigital Video Professionals Magazine

“Rick Graves got the inspiration for his DistaCam when an ad director asked him for a completely new idea. Graves came up with a modernized version of a technique once used in finish line cameras. ”

Leland E Teschler, writerMachine Design Magazine

“The panoramic images Graves makes, sometimes with nearly 40 cars in a single photo, are nothing short of spectacular.”

Roger Hart, writerAuto Week Magazine